Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food for thought...

The Washington Post reported 1.8 million people were in D.C to watch (or try to watch) the Inauguration of Barack Obama. During the Noon hour, the army of people were present as the occupant of the White House changed political parties, political ideologies, and (in a historic moment) ethnicity.

It is important for those of us in the United States to reflect upon the peaceful transition of power that occurred within our government yesterday.

Throughout the day, not a shot was fired and no arrests were made in a city that was bulging at the seams with people from all over the country and the world.

No matter if Democrat or Republican, Obama supporter or not, yesterday was a incredible example of our Republic at it's best.


  1. Mike 5th grade stony creek elementary blue bell
    I was not surprised yesterday went so good because i think everybody thinks OBAMA will do what he says he is. I think yesterday meant that CHANGE is here! Good luck OBAMA!

  2. Springfield High School

    I have no intense feeling about this actually.

  3. Springfield High School

    i think that Obama means what he says and that he will do a good job

  4. Could you please tell me how you felt when you were there?