Friday, January 23, 2009

E pluribus unum (Out of Many, One)

Hey! Greetings from the Springfield High School Inauguration team!

Right now we are, unfortunately, on our way home from Washington DC. and Paul, Chris, Mary, Steph, Staci, Colton, Beth, Olivia, Darragh, and I, Rob, would all like to thank you for showing so much interest in the work we’ve been doing all week. This week has been a eye-opening and life changing experience. The people we have spent the days with came from all across this nation and they brought with them knowledge of the issues that affect them locally and their own opinions to the issues that face our nation. I know we are all saddened by our departure but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to witness such an event that will be remembered forever. All of us had so much fun and have created bonds, relationships, and memories that will never be broken or forgotten. Even though we did not get to directly witness the inauguration on the mall, we still got to be apart of an electric crowd for many hours and that alone was a great experience. The people we met I will never forget because standing with them for such a long period of time, relationships begin to form and stories were shared which in itself impacted my life. We did not expect that our projects on that day would go so well but thankfully it did and interviewing people was a very enriching experience. I know that I, as well as my fellow students, will never forget the unique experience that we got to share as we huddled together on a blanket and watched President Obama gave his inaugural address. The work we have done, entailed many hours , but was extremely gratifying. We can not wait to see the final product that we know we have all had a hand in making. I would thank all the people that have been involved in making this project because without them, this project would be nothing. So a big thank you to Mr. McRea, Mr. Nelson, Mr. J, and Simon from the Close-Up program. But also to the fellow students who gave us their opinions and views which were essential to the formation of the documentary. If there was one thing that we learned and took out of this trip it would be that, “No matter where you are from, no matter what you believe in, with an event like this, you can all come together as one, and celebrate the unity of our nation.”

Thank you again for following our work through the past week and we all can not wait to see the final product and share it with all of you.

Rob Toomey

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