Friday, January 16, 2009

Encouragement for the First Family

For the first time in a long while the White House will have young children as members of the First Family. As their father moves closer to taking the Oath of Office, what words of encouragement and support would you give to the "First Daughters" as they move into the national spotlight?

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  1. Sasha and Malia,

    I hope you like your new school and are making lots of new friends. You are so lucky to get to live in the White House. I know you might be alergic but I think Jack Russells are great dogs. I have two of them (but on is part Dachshund.


    Owen Small
    Coatesville, PA

  2. To the Obama Family,

    I want to express my appreciation of the personal sacrifices each of you is making so that our country and our world can benefit from the leadership of President Barack Obama. Giving up regular contact with friends and neighbors, teachers, classmates and colleagues, favorite restaurants and blackberries, certainly can't be easy. Your service and gifts to our nation is appreciated by me and by many others.

    Monica McHale-Small
    Coatesville, PA

  3. Dear Sasha and Malia,
    i really hope that you are able to settle in quickly in to the White House! ur probably really excited and scared to be moving in. can't really offer any advice on what to do, i've never been to the white house,but just know that i'm praying for you.
    P.S. Have you gotten ur dog yet? the breed is so cute!!
    7th grade Kappa Team

  4. Dear Sasha and Malia,

    Congratulations to you and good luck transitioning from a rather quiet Illinois life to the white house. All I can say is to just think of it as a really big house and don't answer many questions to reporters while in public.

  5. Dear Sasha and Malia,
    Don't pay attention and let what the reporters say about your dad or mom or anyone in your family hurt you.

  6. Dear Sasha and Malia,
    I hope that you are able to stay on the right path as you live in the White House. I am praying, also, that your Father will let the Lord lead him in his decision making. God Bless!
    Nathan Van Til, Scott County High School

  7. i wanted to kno how it is like to be part of the first family. I am from a little town in kentucky an it seems like it would be fun. Do you still have to do the things that every kid in America or is your life different.

    Sam-Scott County High School

  8. Dear Obama family.
    I am so excited to have Mr.Obama as our President, and can't wait to see what you can do to help our country! Mrs.Obama, I hope you and the girls will enjoy living in the White House and the dog possibly? I wish you all luck with the hard job you are faced with. Thanks! Shay~Scott County High School

  9. Dear Sasha and Malia,
    I just want to tell you that this seems like a great experience for all of you and its something that you will remember for the rest of your life. So have fun!
    Lindsay, Scott County High School

  10. Dear Sasha and Malia,
    This is a great experience for both of you that you will gain a lot of knowledge and information from. This is something you will never forget and can tell your children about. I hope that you take in as much as you can from this and really be a big part of it. Also, the news paper will say some false things about your parents that you should not listen too, because you will know what is true and what is not.

  11. I think you should watch out for people jelous of your dad and his new power. People may become your friends just for that reason.

    And dont get mad at the security guards there just doing their job. Make sure you listen to your dad he knows whats best for you.

    Jake,Scott County high school

  12. Dear Sasha
    and Malia,
    I hope you make friends at your new school, and love living in the white house. It must be nice. Take lots of pictures to keep the memories!!

  13. Dear Obama girls,

    You are so lucky to get this great experience of living in the White House. I hope you like your new school and are making lots of new friends. This is something you will never forget and I hope you both enjoy your time there.

    Scott County High School

  14. I think its great your dad won, hes what the nation needs right now. You should always listen to him for whatever he has to say b/c he probally knows whats best for you.

    You should also never get mad at your security guards. Their just doing there jobs and trying to keep you safe

    Jake, Scott County High School